Formula D: Long Beach 2013 Tease

Recently I moved to Long Beach, Ca, for a full time job with MotorTrend. I managed to get lucky and use some of our equipment we shoot with too, such as the Sony FS700 and Canon 5dmkIII’s. But nonethe less, the full writeup will be posted soon.



XDC Rounds 6 & 7: Texas

Here are some snippets of the recent 3000mi drive I took with my brother from another… (kind of), Geoff Stoneback.
He was competing against some of the top pro-am drivers this year in the XDC Finals at Texas Motor Speedway. The first mechanical failure of the year ended up taking him out, but a respectable 4th place there was earned.
Geoff finished 8th overall in XDC standings…

“He’s my fraaaaan”

Weddings? Check.

To make a long story short, a few of my oldest friends got engaged and setup their wedding about 7hrs north of me in Lake Placid, NY, on top of a mountain. They had asked me to shoot it last minute and I accepted since I was eager to shoot my first wedding, and take my lady out to meet all my friends from back home and vacation.

Here are a few photos that I really loved….

Congrats again to Mr & Mrs Jordan/Amanda Kwit!

Visiting my home away from home….Indianapolis

It was great when I got the word from my friend/roommate, Geoff Stoneback, that he was competing in Round Three of the Midwest Drift Union Pro-Am. This meant we had a 12hr drive with the truck & trailer, but most importantly it meant I got to visit and hang with some of my friends I grew in this sport with and haven’t seen in almost a year since moving to Philadelphia.


I seriously do love Michael Tung’s Corolla…it’s been through hell, ECB, and is all stock for the most part.

Check for more info and future events!

Recent Work

Currently I help out at Nick D’Alessio’s shop in NE Philadelphia, and of course with me being media…He asks me to jump in with some small edits from time to time.
Here is all Contour footage I had setup during practice at Formula D- Wall, NJ with Nick leading Daigo Saito.

Check out Nick’s shop if you’re in town sometime, drop by and see us all there or check out his fan page to keep up with what we’re building or any shop specials going on!